On the surface, what you're about to watch is kinda funny. A squirrel at a park in Maine casually enjoying a snack, nothing to see here. Until you realize said squirrel is eating that snack OUT OF A USED CONDOM. Gross, right? Well turn the audio up and truly understand the innocence of children as they watch and try to figure out why a squirrel is snacking out of a "balloon".

Shared on Facebook by Emily Cole, she explains that she took kids out for a beach day and happened to notice a squirrel on a fence holding something strange. Once she zoomed in with her camera, she couldn't believe her eyes. Cole never made mention of exactly what beach she was visiting but we're presuming a beach somewhere around the Portland area.

Can't imagine that was the tastiest snack that squirrel has ever enjoyed. And we also can't imagine it being very safe for public beaches in Maine to have used condoms laying around for squirrels to snap up. But here we are, all shaking our heads together. Who's up for a trip to the beach?

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