It's no secret that Maine is caught in a widespread drug epidemic. But sometimes, it takes a video of real people, in a real neighborhood, in broad daylight to put into perspective just how serious the problem become in our the cities and towns we call home.

Shared on Facebook by a concerned citizen, a 10-minute long video showed four individuals on a street corner in Portland, Maine. The citizen identifies the street as Alder Street, found off of Cumberland Avenue. Trask also identifies the video as being shot around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: We had embedded the video but it has since been deleted 

The group appears to prepare a needle and fill it, we won't speculate with what exactly. From there, a woman is then repeatedly poked at different spots all over her body. From her legs to arms, to her chest and more shockingly, her neck. That anyone is desperate enough to shoot potential drugs into their neck should put the massive problem facing us as a society into perspective.

This Portland street corner isn't the only place where someone like this happens on a daily basis. Some people witness it, others turn a blind eye to it. Our hope is that eventually the people in this video find the help that they need. Ultimately, this is a stunning look into the everyday lives of people who are battling addiction.

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