As 94.3 WCYY celebrates 25 years of existence, we've been taking some time to look back on some of the moments that put a smile on our face. Perhaps our favorite backstage interview happened nearly 5 years ago, when we were invited backstage to interview Breaking Benjamin frontman Ben Burnley. This wasn't the first time CYY had interviewed Burnley, but it definitely ended up being the first time he had been so open about things he likes...and REALLY dislikes.

One of those big dislikes at the time was a new Star Wars game that had just hit store shelves. Burnley has been contacted by the game makers in hopes that he'd play the new game and then endorse it. Unfortunately for those game makers, Burnley did play the game and had some very choice words when describing it. We should have thrown the NSFW up by now and we apologize for that.

Burnley, however, has never apologized for his review of that Star Wars game or others he's come across in recent years that he hates just as much. The interview Rob did that afternoon ended up going viral, being picked up by multiple publications across the county. For us, it was the best Ben Burnley interview we've ever had part of and just another reason for many fans in Maine to continue loving the band. Thanks for your honesty Ben and we hope to see Breaking Benjamin back in Maine sometime soon.

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