We found this wicked cool flight simulator video of someone attempting to land a plane on the Augusta Civic Center. Don't worry; it's not real.  Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 incredibly recreates the entire topography of the Earth in 3D and adds in local weather elements to boot. This is much cooler than the Red Baron, or After Burner flight video games we played in the 1980s! You can fly anywhere in the world and pick any plane or jet you wish.  Luckily for this player, the weather was beautiful in virtual Maine on the day of this flight. Try doing this in a snowstorm, bub!



This is an entertaining video to watch, and not just because you get to see a plane land on the roof of the Augusta Civic Center. You will also enjoy seeing the entire Augusta area from the air. Look out for the capitol dome. You may even be able to see your house from here!  The video also gives you a pretty good history lesson of the Civic Center. Finally, if you want more info on some of the awesome concerts that have happened at the ACC, check out this amazing list HERE.

Maine got some great news this week for you flight enthusiasts with the announcement that the US Navy Blue Angels would be returning this summer to fly REAL JETS in the Great State of Maine Air Show on Labor Day Weekend. These Hornet jets go about Mach 2 and fly about 18 inches apart!



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