If you've ever traveled to New Hampshire to check out the White Mountains or perhaps make your way through many of the hiking trails available, there's a good chance you've spent at least a little bit of time of Route 112, also known as the Kancamagus Highway.

Posted to Reddit, the video above is taken from a dash cam as someone travels through the numerous twists and turns of the 34 mile scenic highway thats commonly trafficked by leaf peepers in the fall and trail seekers in the summer.

Clearly the video is sped up, and if you spend too much time focusing directly on the road, there's a chance you'll get dizzy watching this. Traveling the Kancamagus can be a test of your own focus, being easily distracted by the tremendous views while simultaneously having to watch for sharp corners and oncoming traffic.

Imagine doing this on a bike?!

Check out this amazing shot...

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