Well you've got to hand it to the University of Maine's baseball team, for the 2nd straight season they've spoofed a famous baseball movie and it's damn good. Thanks to the Bangor Daily News blog for bringing some attention this fantastic "The Sandlot" spoof that the UMaine baseball team is calling the "The Snowlot".

While the spoof is short, running a little over 90 seconds, its perfect for any fans of the cult classic 1993 flick "The Sandlot". In that movie, a down on their luck team filled with misfits bands together to defeat a snooty group of entitled youths as well as the ferocious dog that keeps eating their baseballs.

The UMaine team picked out one particularly memorable scene, and if you remember the movie, truly nailed the essence. According to this Bangor Daily News blog, the idea for the spoof was to bring awareness to the kickoff the UMaine baseball season happening this Friday. If you're not a fan of UMaine baseball, now is the time to hop aboard the bandwagon.

Oh, and what other classic baseball movies could they parody next year? Major League anyone?

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