Keep your patio furniture in storage and those dreams of grilling dinner on hold because it looks like we're getting ANOTHER snowstorm this weekend. 

Lifelong Mainers know that even when the calendar turns to spring, that doesn't necessarily mean winter has gone away. But we are allowed to hope and dream, especially after this particular snow-heavy cold season this year. But alas, Mother Nature doesn't appear to be done with us, as some local meteorologists are letting us all know to prepare ourselves for another snow storm this weekend. Booooooo.

As Keith Carson stated in the tweet above, the saving grace may be that it doesn't appear to be a heavy snow event. But it's still more snow. Where are the 50-60 degree days? When can the grill cover be taken off? When can we have happy hour outside on a deck? The answer: not this weekend.

The latest...we don't like it.

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