I ran my first 10k road race on Saturday. I was super pumped to run the Beach To Beaconwith nearly 7,000 people. Me getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning was the first challenge. A big ass iced coffee and an energy bar combined with an endless swarm of runners was all I needed to get jacked up for this race. I maintained my pace for the most part and powered through the last (the hardest) mile the best I could. I definitely got in 'the zone' and just went for it.


Had a blast. My final time was 52.40 which was within range of what I was hoping for. However 51.50 would've been better cuz it's 30 seconds less....and I'm a Van Halen fan. Congrats to all the runners! Share your pics and stories here on the website and on our Facebook page.






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