What kind of beer do you like? Are you a psychopath? According to a study, the two might go hand in hand.

This study says people who prefer bitter tastes like dark chocolate, IPA beer, black coffee and beers like that are more anti-social than those who like the sweet stuff. The University of Innsbruck study tested 1,000, 30-somethings who rated different food and drinks and then were given tests to evaluate their personalities.

According to the study:

“bitter taste preferences are positively associated with malevolent personality traits, with the most robust relation to everyday sadism and psychopathy.”

Yikes. All I have to say is, I'm glad I'm not a sadistic psychopath! But are your friends? Your S.O.?

There's only one way to find out, bring them to Portland On Tap this Saturday January 28th! Hurry, the early session (1p-4p) is almost sold out! There are a few tickets left for the evening session (6p-9p).


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