Looks like you picked the wrong week to give up drinking.

Donald Trump was voted president, protesters took to the streets to voice their displeasure and your social media accounts are probably filled with comments about where this country is going instead of pictures of people's meals (come on, we all know that candlelit meal is really just a Stouffer's Salisbury steak). You need a distraction, right? Well, the Browns played on Thursday Night Football. The winless Browns. On national TV. Yeah, now you need a drink.

The World Health Organization has taken data from a survey spanning the years 2000-2016 to find out which country drinks the most.

The country that does indeed imbibe the most is Belarus, which, let's be honest, you can't find on a map when sober. Belarusians (or Bela White Russians may be more appropriate) down 3.8 gallons of alcohol annually.

The U.S. took 41st place, which we'd have to think will change given the madness that has been 2016. You can also see a map showing alcohol consumption throughout the world here.

Afghanistan, Mauritania, Kuwait, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Bangladesh were the countries where people drink the least.

10 Countries That Drink the Most

1. Belarus
2. Lithuania
3. Czechia
4. Croatia
5. Austria
6. Portugal
7. France
8. Ireland
9. Estonia
10. Hungary

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