St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and you're going to see plenty of businesses playing to the holiday with clovers and references to being lucky. It's the nature of the beast. But one person on Reddit posed a very honest question about this signage on front of an Old Orchard Beach laundromat. What does it even mean?

Reddit via fridaycat
Reddit via fridaycat

If we had a guess, we'd say that whomever operates this particular laundromat in Old Orchard Beach just wanted to feel festive by throwing a few green clovers up on the signage. But asking the question of "feeling lucky?" followed by "let us do your laundry" could be sending the wrong kind of message to potential customers.

Like, what am I feeling lucky about? Is this a laundromat lottery? Do I let you do my laundry and then get someone else's laundry in return? Do I send ten shirts to be cleaned and get only five back? Have to believe the operators of this laundromat didn't intend their sign to be interpreted this way but that's kind of the line between feeling certain about something and feeling lucky. Not something you really want to think about when dropping off some dirty clothes.

So what do you say, feeling lucky, punk?



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