One of my favorite things to do in my area is to hit up my local bar and let loose. I never know my go to spot would play a trick on me!

First let me just say that I was not 'buzzed' when a fellow patron showed me this cool piece of memorabilia at my bar. Evelyn's in Ferry Village, SoPo is a local joint I frequent to hang with friends, play pool, and have a few 'beves'. It is a classic dive that has daily drink specials everyday like $2 Pabst and $3 Wacky Well drinks. Getting a good deal is always up my alley. They have a kick ass jukebox, and pool tables. Oh, and they only take cash.

But, the last time I was there I learned a bit of history about 'Ev's'. Back in the day, there was a neon sign that hung off the side of the building of a lady. She was Evelyn. Since the sign is long gone, but, a wicked cool wood painted picture hangs above the booze. It is of a woman's face, BUT, which woman is it?

It freaked me out big time, because I have been in there SO many times and never noticed her. So, which lady do you see when you look at this work of art? Optical illusions freak me out man!! LOL

It is a young woman, or an old lady to you?


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