A very popular business at the Auburn Mall getting some attention from a national television crew this weekend, but we only know a little bit about what is going on.

Family Time Dine & Play is locally owned and moved into the former location of Bookland that was there when the Auburn Mall opened in 1979. It's become a success because there really isn't much else like it around this area. The obvious comparison is to Chuck E. Cheese, which had a location at the Maine Mall but couldn't drum up enough business to stick around. Family Time Dine & Play does what Chuck E. Cheese couldn't. Provide food, fun and games for everyone.

Recently the Family Time Dine & Play Facebook page posted a semi-cryptic message with an image that left everyone wondering what was coming. It reads: "We want everyone to know that this Sunday, (August 20) while we are open, there will be a film crew here. They will be filming us for a National TV show. We are not currently allowed to say what "show" until closer to the air date."

This is typical non-disclosure stuff that many game and reality shows have participants sign to make sure they don't spoil what's to come. It's like knowing the Final Jeopardy clue and answer the day before it airs. You've been spoiled.

Family Time Dine and Play via Facebook
Family Time Dine and Play via Facebook

If you happen to be going to Family Time Dine and Play on Saturday, you'll likely see this film crew. Be prepared to know nothing though, because TV and films are really good at keeping their secrets. We'll keep you posted if and when we learn any more.

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