If you spent some time on the road in Maine recently, it'd be difficult not to notice a peculiar thing, a large number of roadkill squirrels. There's no debate that squirrels become roadkill frequently, but it's the sheer number of roadkill squirrels that have been seen that has left people including ruthsalka on Reddit asking, "what's going on?"

Well, there is an answer.

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Last year, Maine saw what is typically referred to as a "mast year" for acorns, according to a commenter on reddit. More acorns led to a baby boom for squirrels. Fast forward a year later and the normal food supply is available to a larger amount of squirrels. Squirrels are taking more risks to gather food and thus, the fatality rate in roads has risen.

Some experts also believe that the food habits of squirrels in New England have altered. Squirrels are snacking on more fresh fruit and other foods they normally would stay away from. That, along with the bumper crop in acorns and pine cones, has led to some seriously erratic behavior in 2018 and unfortunately, more roadkill.

So be alert behind the wheel of your car because the roadkill squirrel season probably isn't over yet.

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