WABI TV5 Facebook Page/Jinhwa Jo
WABI TV5 Facebook Page/Jinhwa Jo

You never know what you might come across when you take road less traveled. Check out what these folks saw when they went for a ride in Blue Hill recently.

In the video you'll see what appears to be a mama bobcat and her three kittens on a dirt road.

The mama bobcat looks right toward the people in their vehicle taking the video, as if to make sure they know that she knows they are there. She doesn't seem to mind.

All goes well though as the her adorable kittens follow her into the middle of the road and we get to see them playfully hopping around and chasing each other.

According to the WABI TV5 Facebook page this wicked cool video is "Thanks Jinhwa Jo who was traveling toward Flye Point when they saw this scene in Blue Hill."

You can hear the couple in awe while recording the video. He says, "Oh look at that mama." She responds saying "This is ridiculous." You know. The 'ridiculous' that means 'wicked cool'.

The gentleman also states, "They say pound for pound, bobcats are the most ferocious of ALL cats."

What a beautifully fortunate encounter for them. We are so glad they shared this rare and peaceful Maine wildlife moment with us.

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