One of the staples of arcades across the country has been the claw machine. Toss down a couple bucks and maneuver the claw in hopes of grabbing the prize you want. Since those were so popular, variations hit the market offering up chances for people to grab a lot more than stuffed animals. Usually those higher-end prizes include electronics, but at one general store in Maine, their higher-end prize is a handgun.

China Variety and Redemption in China, Maine installed one of these popular game machines known as BarberCut Lite several months ago. On any given day, you'll find a slew of different prizes. For three bucks per play, there's plenty of the line that could make that ante worth it. Could be a teddy bear, could be some cold hard cash, could be a gun. They've had a few winners too as shared on their Facebook page, happy customers who walked away with money and happy patrons who have walked away with guns.

A quick search on the internet reveals that China Variety and Redemption is likely the only store in Maine that has an instant prize vending machine with a gun as an actual prize. Hard to compare other vending machines that offer stuffed animals or EarPods as the big get.

One other likely observation from this strange find in China, Maine. There's half the state that is sitting there thinking "this is so awesome". The other half of the state is wondering "how the hell is dangling firearms in a game vending machine a thing now?". Only in Maine.

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