In a post shared by the Walmart Windham Facebook page, two of their employees with an incredible bond are cementing their love and friendship with an incredibly selfless act.

Michelle is in need of a kidney and by a true miracle, her bestie and co-worker Jean was found to be a match.

Organ donation is a kind of gift that few can even fathom. One, is being in need of an organ, as well as being in a position to give that gift to someone else.

That alone is a huge emotional burden, then the recovery time, risks, financial loss from missing work, travel expenses all needs to be considered.

Fortunately, it was a no-brainer for Jean. Her friend was in need and she had the ability to help in the biggest way possible. The pair have an incredible support system and were ready for the big surgery and transplant in Jacksonville, Florida today, May 5th.

Unfortunately hours before surgery, Michelle tested positive for COVID-19. She is doing well and the two are trying to stay positive. The surgery has been rescheduled for 6 weeks out.

To learn more about giving this gift to someone in need by way of Living Donation, visit here. They focus on organ, eye, and tissue donation. Another individual is added to the wait list every 9 minutes and 17 lives are lost each day while waiting.

We wish Michelle and Jean the best of luck once surgery day finally arrives. Cheers to a forever bond inside and out.

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