A new start up business makes small batches of ice cream and delivers them to your door within an hour of your order. Amazing. 

How many times have you been lounging on your couch, watching something great on TV and thought to yourself, "I could really go for some ice cream". That's always followed by the reality that you're not getting up, jumping into the car and driving to your closest convenience store or supermarket. If only there was delivery ice cream! Well...now there is.

According to the Forecaster, Rosanna's Ice Cream, a small start up in Portland, will deliver ice cream straight to your door within 15 minutes to an hour of you ordering. Literally just like pizza delivery. It's all handmade, small batches as well. Rosanna's claims to have nearly 30 flavors on hand at all times, so you're not stuck with a couple choices either. So how can you get on this?

TEXT 207-450-3259. In a world where we don't like talking to other human beings but still want all the things we want, this business model is a sure fire hit. And if you're a planner and want to use the ice cream delivery service as a gift, you can order any of their custom flavors with 48 hours notice. Roses or ice cream? You decide.

Currently, their delivery area is limited as they continue to grow. Most of downtown Portland, South Portland and Cape Elizabeth are included but as the business grows, so too will the ability to deliver ice cream to more people. Wishes do come true. Finally.

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