As the temperatures continue to warm up, many people are shifting from winter mode to summer mode. Typically around this time of year, several of those people would be heading to Old Orchard Beach to open their season residence or campsite in preparation for another gorgeous summer. Instead, we're all relegated to staying home and waiting out a vicious pandemic. So what happens on the beach when there are no people? Well, it's pretty amazing.

Shared on Facebook by a local resident, last weekend Old Orchard Beach traded in the people for a coastline filled with clams. As you can see in the person's video, it wasn't just a few clams, the entire beach was covered in them for long stretches. A shocking different from the usual towels and umbrellas that cover OOB in the summer.

The clams likely were washed up onto to the beach thanks to heavy surf over the weekend. Clams typically will dig themselves back into the sand quickly as a protection measure or could simply be washed back into the ocean by the same surf that exposed them.

Several people commenting on the Facebook post proclaimed that they had never seen so many exposed clams on Old Orchard Beach before. That may be a matter of timing or it could be that in just a short time of leaving nature alone, some stranger than life things are happening.

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