Ever since some whackjob looked at Mt. Katahdin years and years ago  and said "I want to climb that," hiking is one of Maine's best summer activites and tourist attractions. You know, besides meeting the killer moose monster at the top waiting to claim your soul.

There are so many places to hike in Maine, it's hard to keep them straight all the time. So out of love for the many treks the state has to offer, local author and Bangor Daily News contributor Aislinn Sarnacki as put together a book called "Family Friendly Hikes in Maine," citing 35 hikes all the way from Caribou to South Berwick.

As the BDN states, Sarnacki is a Maine hiking expert - since starting her weekly column "1-Minute Hikes' about 5 years ago, she's hiked roughly 250 trails. She begins each chapter in the book with helpful facts about each trail, such as a difficulty rating, ease of access for dogs, and for the truly adventurous, GPS coordinates!

The BDN quotes Sarnacki as saying "It is a task, and I guess that's one of the main goals of my book, is to just weed through all of that and give people what I think are the best ones so they don't have to do all that work..." Sounds good to us! Now all we have to worry about is Pamola...

Read the full BDN article here.

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