If you're searching Amazon for Maine-related items, you're bound to find some incredible an authentic items from Vacationland that will capture the states culture and essence. AND, you'll also find this:

Via Amazon.com
Via Amazon.com

Shared on Reddit by AssumedSanity, apparently there's a Maine t-shirt that talks all about our trends(?!) and how they're a lot different(?!) than the rest of the country. To be honest, we're not even sure what the hell this shirt means. Like, what statement is it trying to make and more importantly, would anyone get it anywhere in Maine if you showed up some place wearing it?

The good news is it comes in men's, women's and youth sizes with a variety of different colors. Unfortunately, there were no product reviews on Amazon for us to really gain of understanding of WTF this shirt is supposed to be.

Your guess is as good as ours.

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