The ways to pay for parking just keep getting easier in Portland. First, the city installed kiosks that let you pay with a credit card instead of fishing for dimes and nickles to plunk in the old fashioned meters. Now the city is rolling out payment using your smartphone.

Begining on Saturday, June 16, Portland will begin to install new signs on street parking meters that designate the spaces in the area as PassportParking spots that allow you to pay with an app on your phone. By Tuesday the city hopes to have most spaces in Portland offering PassportParking.

The new app offers some unique features. Besides the ability to pay from your phone, you'll get notifications when your time is about to expire and given the option to add more time up to the two hour max. You also will get receipts sent to your phone so its easy get reimbursed by your boss for your parking time, if you're lucky enough to have that luxury.

You'll find the PassportParking app in your app store. All you need to do is install it and enter your information like your license plate number and credit card info. Now you're ready to park by finding a space and entering the zone number you'll see displayed on the nearby signs being installed. Enter the number, how long you want to park and you're space is paid for.

No more fishing for change, credit card readers that won't work in the snow and no having to run back out to the meter to put more money in. We've got your links below to the app so you're ready to park.


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