After 43 years, Funtown Splashtown USA is making a major upgrade to their most unique ride, the Astrosphere. The giant domed scrambler ride holds special memories for so many Mainers.

Funtown Splashtown made the announcement on Facebook that the old airform dome is being replaced with a permanent dome made out of concrete so that maintenance and set up will become much simpler. Construction has already begun on rebuilding the Astrosphere to have it ready for the opening of the 2019 season.

Upon seeing the announcement, one Facebook follower of Funtown Splashtown asked if he could have a piece of the old Astrosphere dome and got a surprising response.

Funtown Splashtown USA via Facebook
Funtown Splashtown USA via Facebook

You can buy your own piece of the old Astrosphere dome when the park opens this spring! This is like getting a piece of Fenway Park's Green Monster when they added the seats on top.

No word on yet on how they will be sold, but we would imagine you might get it framed with a number on it and available while supplies last.

Are you going to try to get a piece of the Astrospehere?

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