For 43 years, the original Astrosphere stood as a cornerstone for Funtown and a must-ride attraction for its guests. So you can imagine the hesitation everyone felt when Funtown announced that during the offseason between 2018/2019, they would be rebuilding the Astrosphere into a more permanent structure for an enhanced ride experience. The biggest question people had? When will it be open? We have the answer, and the answer is THIS WEEKEND.

Funtown/Splashtown USA announced on Facebook that the Astrosphere 2.0 would officially open this Saturday, May 18th at 11am. Much of the ride will remain the same as people remember it, but there will be a couple of new surprises as well. First off, there will be new carpet inside the ride. Funtown asked their social media fans to vote on which carpet they'd like to see inside the ride and the winner was fitting, shooting stars!

Another new wrinkle is something many guests have been probably wishing for...temperature control. The old Astrosphere tent didn't allow for air conditioning, but the new concrete Astrosphere will.

And lastly, as mentioned in the above post by Funtown, there will be some new laser effects and Mr. Scary Face will have a few new friends to add to the excitement of the ride.  And have no fear about the music. ELO's "Fire On High" remains the theme to the Astrosphere ride, and will sound incredible inside the new, concrete dome.

Looks like Astrosphere 2.0 will be the kind of sequel we can all enjoy!

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