Right here on this radio station, there have been countless stories about new stores and buildings popping up in Portland. But would you believe that despite all of those new businesses, Portland doesn't make the list of the top 5 fastest growing cities in Maine.

According to The Forecaster, you'd have to travel north to find the fastest growing city, Orono. The data comes from the latest U.S. Census data, where Orono grew by over 500 residents. University of Maine graduates just sticking around after college? Perhaps.

You'll have to come back to southern Maine to round out the rest of the top five. Westbrook rolls in at number 2, presumably scooping up the people who can't find any place to live in Portland and find Westbrook as a convenient alternative.

Scarborough rates third, where low tax rates are making the city supremely attractive to new residents who want to live in proximity to Portland and some of Maine's beautiful beaches.

Gorham ranks as the fourth fastest growing, with the town continuing to add new housing developments and business expansions. Gorham's neighbor, Windham, ranked as the fifth fasting growing. Three of the top five fastest growing cities in Maine have colleges based in them, which could mean positive things for Maine's higher education system.

No Portland or South Portland on the list. Surprised?

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