This is one of those stories that just makes me feel like I'm losing all faith in humanity.

Brayden Nadeau was 10-years-old when he opened a roadside vegetable stand on Hatch Road in, Auburn Maine in 2019. He and his family are farmers and he wants to farm for a living and teach others to do the same.

Bayden's Vegetable Stand plays a big part in his dream. He even markets well, posting even posts videos to his Facebook page to let everyone know what he has for sale.

Like many rural roadside stands, Brayden's is based on the honor system, where you leave money for what you purchase. This is Maine and it's the way it should work here because we're good, honest people. But there always seems to be someone who just doesn't fit that mold.

On July 14, someone broke into Brayden's stand and stole all the cash in the cash box as well as running out with a whole bunch of meat and vegetables.

The stand had to be closed while Brayden recovered and got back on his feet, determined not to let this get in the way of his goal to raise $100,000 with his vegetable stand before he graduates from high school.

But like I said, this is Maine and when one of us is down, the rest of us pitch in to help.

When the community heard about what happened to Brayden's stand, they came out in droves to support him.

One of those groups that came out in support was the United Bikers of Maine Androscoggin County. It's so cool to see these bikers show up for Brayden to keep his vegetable stand alive.

You've got to hand it to Brayden. Where many others his age would feel defeated, and rightly so, he picks up the pieces, moves on, and keeps his veggie stand alive as well as his $100,000 goal.

NBC Nightly NewsKids Edition did a story or Bryaden a while back.


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