Mainers are used to having all four seasons in every week - it's a staple of New England culture to sport a light sweatshirt on Monday, and make the transition to a parka by Wednesday, and get all the way back to flip-flop weather by the weekend.

In honor of Maine's temperature softening last week, and the subsequent nosedive it took over the weekend, we have a video that could help you explain life here to your friends in warmer climates.

The drastic changes in Maine's weather were best captured by a short, simple YouTube video posted by user redneckcomputergeak, who contrasts two videos taken only 24 hours apart.

In the first, his son is out playing in the yard with the sun pleasantly shining. In the next, the sky has gone full Nor'Easter on the yard, covering everything with snow and bitterly cold winds. Watch the video below:

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