Friends, for your donation to the Center for Grieving Children during Markathon, you can get so much on the air. Think of the possibilities! Be creative! 


With Markathon, you know the deal. Make a donation to the Center for Grieving Children on the phones or at and you can request anything you want to hear. ANYTHING! Any genre, any artists, any style. Rock tunes, show tunes, cartoons tunes. Long as it's clean and we can find it through our outlets, we'll play it for you.

We usually find most stuff, which goes to say requesting something to stump us is kinda foolish. The idea isn't to stump us, it's to get on the music you love or music that will make people laugh or cringe! Or the music you'd never think you'd hear on air. The funny songs, the wacky songs, the forgottten songs. Or the albums!! The half albums!

Sure, you can request something super silly like this....


Or something 80's silly like this...



Or wave the flag for your favorite band and UP THE IRONS!



Or, want to really shake things up...



Maybe you want some nice relaxing dentist office tunes...



How about rousing things up with show tunes??



Or one of the greatest pieces of music ever written...



Don't forget, you can add some more to your donation and get more songs played...

Maybe get some co-workers or friends together and beef up your donation a bit to get a block on of your favorite Seattle area artists...





Local bands... get your jams on! It's not payola! It goes to the Center! Don't miss out on possibly the strongest listenership week all year on northeast radio. Get heard by doing good!





Or maybe reignite some west coast / east coast beef??




Or music fans might wanna add a bit to their donation to get Side A or Side B played off of their favorite albums??



Or for a few more donation bucks, get a FULL album played cover to cover. Imagine being able to hear the greatest albums of all time in their entirety!



You get the picture! Get ready cause the airwaves are yours starting December 7th @ noon on WCYY and