What's going on?

Brand New Metallica
Fans that haven't been super excited about the bands music in recent years might have different thoughts on the brand new song "Hardwired." Click here to listen!
Earliest Tool Footage Leaks
The internet has supplied us with some gold that's been dug up from 1991. Check out some video that Tool fans are feasting on today for the first time!
Brand New Green Day
Check out Bang Bang! The first single from "Revolution Radio" due out on October 7th!
Watch: This Guy Literally Chases His Flight Down the Runway
It's likely that for one reason or another that you've had to haul ass through an giant, overcrowded airport in order to catch your flight in time. What do you do in the case when the gates are closed and your flight is departing? Well this guy took an interesting approach.
See and Meet Bush and Chevelle!
Solid double bill lined up for Saturday night down at the Maine State Pier! CYY welcomes Bush and Chevelle and we have a bunch of tickets to give away! All winners will meet the bands!
See and meet the Wombats!
The Wombats are coming! We're pretty excited for this CYY show this Wednesday night. It's been an amazing summer to take advantage of our rooftop patio, so we're gonna keep it up!
Dirty Heads back to Portland!
The band that's been on schedule every two years with a summer hit is coming back to Portland! Dirty Heads will return to the State Theatre in Portland this fall!
4 Yrs Ago, Mumford in Portland
On August 4, 2012, 15,000 fans flocked from all over to see the band perform one of their four Gentlemen of the Road Stopover dates. Watch video and see pics from the show!
Switchfoot on the CYY Patio
It's hard to believe that the California surf rockers in Switchfoot have never performed in Maine...until now. Watch them perform "Meant To Live" on the CYY Patio.