Trent Marshall

Celebrity Deaths 2013! [PICTURES]
Wow, we lost a lot of famous people in 2013 - some big time celebrities, many politicians, numerous athletes and other people in the news. You'll be surprised at some of the names. Take a look at the complete retrospective here!
How to Winterize Your Vehicle!
It's cold - scratch that - it's FREEZING outside! Gotta get the car started - will it start? Your job and whole schedule depends on you getting your vehicle down the road. Have you winterized your ride? Here are some great tips we can all use.
Markathon – On The Air!!!
Markathon is on CYY right now!... and goes thru Friday! It's for such a great cause - to raise money and awareness for The Center For Grieving Children. Make a donation and get your song on the radio.
Cyber Monday is the Best Deal! [VIDEO]
Cyber Monday is December 2 - and it will be busy! Online sales have grown by leaps and bounds over the years - in fact sales have more than tripled since 2005. Last year's Cyber Monday was the biggest ever.

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