Exchange Street Starbucks in Portland, Maine

If you work and play in Portland, then you probably have stopped by the Starbucks at the corner of Middle and Exchange streets at least a handful of times. While I do prefer the local shops, it is my go-to place for a shaken iced espresso.

Unfortunately, the Portland location is set to close by mid-December, as shared by our dear friend, Joey Disco.

As he shared, the employees at this location voted to unionize, and now all of a sudden it's closing. Suspicious? Yeah, kinda.

While we are unsure whether or not Starbucks will open its doors again, something will have to be up and running in that building. Maybe it will be Starbucks reopening after a sketchy hiatus, or maybe it'll be something entirely different.

New Stores in Portland, Maine

It's such an iconic location in the heart of the Old Port, so a business closing there makes you wonder: What could replace it?

We have enough boujie and expensive boutiques, coffee shops, and bars scattered around our city. We are due for a nice, fun, convenient store that would bring joy to our Portlanders.

Maybe a music store, a donation-based library, Hell, we could even get a Chick-fil-A. With such a busy place filled with working and living locals and constant flows of tourists, anything that moved into that spot would do well.

What would you want to see get put into the heart of Portland? Do you have a need that's not met or a favorite place you'd like to visit locally? Here are a few ideas of what could replace the closing Starbucks in Portland.

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