Whoa, we know New England can get brutally cold, but are you ready to possibly break some records?  Some of us just may do that this weekend, with possible history-making cold coming in around New England.

According to WBZ, a ferociously frigid Friday and Saturday is on tap that could take us up to -40 with wind chill.  It's going to be quick but arctic, and most definitely the coldest this winter, if not ever.  I guess it's about time, right?  I mean, we are in the heart of winter yet it hasn't really felt like it throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, except for a few random days.

WBZ in Boston says that while we're in one of the warmest winters on record overall, get ready for the oddness that is this possible record-breaking cold, with air temps around -10 to -20, then add bitter winds up to 40 mph.  BRRR, that hurts just thinking about it.


WGME in Portland adds that this arctic front starts late Thursday for the more northern portions of New England, taking us into Saturday. The wind will most definitely mean 'feels like' temps will take us up to 40 below zero around New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

WBZ adds that luckily it won't last at all, and we'll jump right out of it quickly, so we just have to hang out with it for a day or two depending on where you live. During the roughest parts of the cold, most of us should be in bed anyway unless we have an early morning dog-walking moment or late night out on Friday into Saturday.

The silver lining with this cold shot, there will be absolutely NO staying power. The cold will bottom out early Saturday and, by Sunday afternoon, temperatures will already be back near 40 degrees. And, beyond that, the long-range outlook for the first few weeks of February looks like more of the same - mild.

WBZ says that with just Boston, for example, hitting -10 will be the coldest reading recorded in more than 60 years since January 15, 1957.

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