Well WCYY listeners, it's officially Spring! 6:28am marked the vernal equinox, as WCSH's Todd Gutner reported in his blog post this morning. He also goes on to say, as will surprise few Mainers, that the cold hasn't gotten the memo quite yet - temperatures will jump back and forth from the mid 20's to the mid 40's for the next week. So while I think it's high time we start getting optimistic, I wouldn't bust out the beach chairs just yet.

In celebration of the light at the end of the wintry tunnel, here are 5 things to look forward to in Maine with the return of t-shirt weather:

Outdoor Concerts
Music has been a staple of the Greater Portland Area for many years, but only recently have outdoor concert venues really started to grow in popularity. Thanks to places like Thompson's Point and the Maine State Pier, there are a number of great shows coming to Maine this year. Check the listings out on both our website, and theirs!

Food Trucks
Food Trucks don't really go away during the winter, but the warm air really does help actually being able to stand there and wait for your food. Check out CYY's list of 5 Food Trucks to try, and keep your eyes out during the warmer months!

Lazy Days by the Lake
As we all know, even though the weather gets nice and warm over the summer up here, the ocean is swimmable for a whole of 3 days at the end of September. Our answer to that is of course, lakes! With spots like Sebago and Long Lake boasting plenty of watersports opportunities, and lakeside beaches like Tassel Top opening back up, we can cool off without freezing to death.

Sea Dogs Games
Portland's favorite (and only) baseball team is coming back sooner than you think! The Sea Dogs kick of the 2017 season with a home opener against the Reading Fighting Phils on Thursday, April 6th. Get your tickets here.

Actually Being Able to Spend Time Outside in the First Place
Look, save for our many skiiers out there, we're all ready for the cold to go away. As nice as the snow can be, I don't like nearly getting frostbite just fiddling with my keys to get into my car in the morning. Every time I go outside, I walk into wherever I'm going with a face as red as a cherry, and I know I'm not alone. Let us be free, mother nature!

There are the 5 things we're looking forward to for the springtime here at WCYY. What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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