Southern Maine's ice cream game is on point every season. If you're a fan of the frozen dairy treat and are planning a road trip through the southern end of the Pine Tree State, make this your bucket list.

These ice cream shops and parlors were chosen by me, an ice cream aficionado, for flavor, aesthetic, scoop size, and overall deliciousness.

Red's Dairy Freeze

This SoPo staple serves up the best soft serve, period. Whoever filled this cone of limited availability strawberry soft serve at Red's nailed the perfect pink spiral. It almost looks too good to eat.


Big Licks

This gorgeous blue-hued hard serve is a crowd favorite at Old Orchard Beach's Big Licks. It's the Cookie Monster, obviously.


Lib's Dairy Treat

Technically not a cone but I'm willing to look past the technicality for the cute pupper anxiously awaiting his Milkbone sundae. Lib's Dairy Treat hooks it up for both humans and dogs in Portland.


Beal's Ice Cream

Beal's Ice Cream scoops generous helpings of super premium ice cream flavors in the heart of Portland's Old Port. This is the peppermint stick flavor.


Bayley's Ice Cream

Even without ice cream the specialty cones at Bayley's Ice Cream in Old Orchard Beach are gorgeous. I'm a big fan of a fancy cone.


Rococo Artisan Ice Cream

Excuse me, but is that a PRETZEL CONE? Looks like I've been doing ice cream wrong my whole life. Luckily Rococo Artisan Ice Cream in Kennebunkport and Ogunquit has opened my eyes to this new cone flavor.


Scoop Deck

Scoop Deck in Wells is an ice cream staple in Wells, Maine. This beautiful and massive cone of black raspberry chocolate chip deserves some sort of award.

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