We're a tough crowd here in Maine. We like what we like and when we find something we like, we tend to stick with it. That's part of the reason why L.L. Bean has dominated the boot universe of Maine for generations. They're comfortable, durable, and over the past few years, they've suddenly become fashionable as well. So with boots being a hot commodity, you can't blame a California company for trying their hand at winning over the people of Maine with these eye-popping beauties.

Old Gringo Boot Company

Shared on Reddit by jeezumbub, these are the Maine state boots from Old Gringo Boot Company based in Chula Vista, California. The design on these boots is complex, with one side featuring a replica of the Dirigo emblem found on the Maine state flag. On the opposite side of the boot, you'll find a few items that are considered staples of Maine, everything from a moose, to a chickadee, to a lighthouse. You'll even find a portion of the boot having an outline of Maine as well a signature Maine coon cat. Nobody is going to question where you are from while wearing these.

Old Gringo Boot Company

So now the fun part. How much do they cost? How does a cool 5k sound? Because if you're going to have signature Maine boots, you're going to have to pony up some serious cash. Not only that, a pair of boots like these aren't made quickly or easily. Old Gringo states that any order of the Maine state boot could take up to six months to produce.

You'd be the topic of any party wearing them, but we're thinking sticking with some bean boots may be a lot more prudent.

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