We'd like to think that the good people of Maine are a pretty laid back folk. But there is one thing you can definitely do, especially if you're a person from away, to really irritate us. That's to talk poorly of Maine when it's quite clear you've never lived amongst us. So get ready Mainers to be a little irritated.

A guy from Oregon who runs a YouTube channel called "World According To Briggs" posted a video about the top 10 reasons NOT to move to Maine. You can watch the nearly 8-minute video if you'd like but the synopsis seems to be this: Maine is cold, old, expensive and has crappy food. There's actually a few points that are quite agreeable but for native Mainers, most of the 10 reasons might seem like not only a reason to move to Maine but to actually STAY here.

Plus, we're all going to call shenanigans if you can't pronounce Bangor correctly. Let us know what you think of the video, we'll wait while we drink a nice, ice cold can of Moxie.


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