It appears that people in Maine just can't help themselves when it comes to signs. The Marden's location in Biddeford is the latest to have a little more attention on their sign than was ever intended. And it wasn't because Marden's asked for it, it's because someone decided that a two-letter switch-a-roo on the sign would make it way more interesting. People on social media agreed.

Facebook via Heather Chamberlain
Facebook via Heather Chamberlain

Several photos of the sign have been shared everywhere from Facebook to Reddit. Apparently, the fact that a quality establishment has a surplus of slow cookers for the chilly season just wasn't enough. But slow hookers? Well, now people are buzzing. Forget a delicious homemade pot roast made in a brand new slow cooker. This sign claims you could spent the rest of fall spelunking with tepid-paced sex workers.

Or maybe it just proves how fragile our language is and how easily two letters can change the entire way we look at things. Also, let's please never get rid of these old school signs. Hours of entertainment.

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