When we think of Mainers making it onto national TV, we either think of Patrick Dempsey (cue the collective swoon of every woman reading), South Portland resident and survivor winner Bob Crowley, or the odd Jeopardy contestant, and so on. However, while lumberjack blood does run strong in our region, we oddly haven't seen any Mainers on any sort of strength competition... Until now!!

Meet Jesse Labreck, nicknamed 'Flex.' She's a native of the Waterville area who just made it to the city qualifying round in Cleveland with a seriously impressive run through that looks like the obstacle course of any couch potato's nightmares. Check out the video below:

According to the news report by WCSH-6 on this topic, this isn't Labreck's first rodeo: she made it to the national finals in Las Vegas last year, her rookie season. She was also the first ever woman to qualify for the national finals in her first season. Sounds like a champion in the making to us!

Check out her run from last year in Philadelphia, which definitely cements the fact that she'd win any fight against the CYY staff. We'll just be cowering in the studio now...

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