A man's petition to have the leaders of New England meet in hopes of secession has been met with questions of "is this a joke?"

There isn't much question that the November Presidential election has left a large part of the country feeling very divided. Here in New England, where all of the states voted pro-Hillary Clinton (with the exception of one electoral college vote for Donald Trump from Maine), there has been an exceptional amount of disgust over the President-elect and what the future may hold.

That is part of the reason a man from Massachusetts named Spencer O'Dowd launched a petition on change.org hoping to garner support and pressure all government leaders in New England to have a summit and decide whether or not New England could survive as it's own country. Haven't we seen this before?

We have. When Barack Obama was elected POTUS, the State of Texas legitimately began taking the steps necessary to consider seceding from the United States. Cooler heads prevailed, or the fact that running a country versus a state is very different, and Texas still remains part of the union. So back to this New England secession, how's the support going?

Not well at all. O'Dowd's plea to the leaders include one towards Maine's Governor Paul LePage, who's been one of Donald Trump's loudest supporters. And as of November 16th, eight days after the Presidential election, O'Dowd's petition has only garnered 41 signatures.

So unless this petition suddenly goes viral, it appears New England is stuck being part of the United States like it has been for...forever.

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