The ever-changing Portland nightlife scene is set for another new addition in 2019, a country music bar called The Whiskey Barrel. According to Portland Food Map, The Whiskey Barrel is renovating a space at 82 Hanover Street in West Bayside and plans to open sometime in early-2019.

Country music bars have seen a spike in popularity in Maine recently. In the heart of the Old Port, you'll find Bonfire packed throughout the weekend, and if you take a drive up Route 302, you'll find the recently-opened Erik's Church to be a popular destination as well. It appears that The Whiskey Barrel may have plans to meld the two concepts.

According to their Facebook page, The Whiskey Barrel will feature live country music as entertainment. Additionally, they promise indoor games/play on nights when live music may not be on the schedule. The plan is for the bar to include 52-seats, but as of this writing, no word on whether there will be food served.

The Whiskey Barrel will be located close to Bayside Bowl as the West Bayside neighborhood of Portland continues its transformation.

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