As we all continue to navigate these extraordinary times, once in awhile something pops up to remind us of the beauty that can come from crisis. That beauty is on display right now, as a new mural has popped up in Portland along a popular walking path and it's pretty much perfection.

Reddit via Guygan
Reddit via Guygan

Shared on Reddit by Guygan, the new "Thank You" was noticed by many over the weekend in Portland. The mural gives a nod to the heroes that continue to keep our lives somewhat normal amidst this coronavirus pandemic. From doctors and nurses, to delivery drivers and waste management personnel, there's a tip of the cap to so many different people working their tails off while the majority of us continue to stay home and try to stay safe.

This fantastic piece of art was the creation of two artists in Portland who wanted to use their talents to send the people doing essential jobs or wearing multiple hats right now a pertinent reminder. THANK YOU.

Job well done by these artists and hopefully this mural sticks around for awhile. It's a cool nod but it's also a reminder to not take all of those essential workers, some doing jobs we would never want to do, for granted. We can't say thank you enough.


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