I may be a tad biased but Maine has the best beers in the country and many of them are located in Portland.

Many of our local breweries have adapted to the stay at home orders and are offering curbside pickup or even delivery. While things have changed, they haven't slowed down.

Just announced, Lone Pine Brewing is rolling out a new stout called Hot Fudge Monday and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Hot Fudge Monday is being released tomorrow, April 20th. It's brewed with chocolate, cocoa nibs, and hazelnut. As someone who is made up of at least 40% Nutella, I can tell this beer is going to be MY JAM.

Lone Pine describes the beer has having milk chocolate, roasted, malt, and fudgy hazelnut cookie aroma and tastes like caramel, chocolate, and coffee. (Thirsty yet? I am!)

If you want in on it (you'll have to fight me, but I'm sure there's plenty to go around) they will have it available for pick-up and delivery. In fact you can order now, here, or select a number of their other delicious brews.

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