Without Keith Foulke, the Boston Red Sox would have never won the championship in 2004. Then manager Terry Francona leaned heavy on Foulke, and the free agent reliever delivered throughout the playoffs as the '04 team finally reversed the curse. It was his incredible performance that likely led the Red Sox to continue a relationship with Foulke today.

Currently he works as a player development consultant who's concentration is relief pitchers in the minor leagues. The job makes Foulke a Portland semi-regular at Hadlock for Sea Dogs games and thus, an amateur food critic for the area. Twice, he's heaped amazing praise onto one Portland restaurant, Salvage BBQ.

Salvage, which opened in 2013 in a converted building not meant for a restaurant, has been a Portland staple for those craving pulled pork, brisket and collard greens. Since Salvage's initial success, several other BBQ restaurants have opened in Portland.

We're not sure how many of those places Foulke has visited (or frankly, if he's even ventured to a BBQ place outside Portland) but he's officially declared Salvage to have the best BBQ in Maine.

What do you think?

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