Commuters on Forest Avenue in Portland were interested in a sign spotted on the door of Morrill's Corner Pub...what do you think it means?In Portland, 2017, you just don't typically see signs like this on the front door of establishments. Not because we know for certain what it means, but instead because people will be left wondering the intention behind the sign when they spot it. And people were left wondering on a busy evening commute as they drove past Morrill's Corner Pub in Portland.

Let's step back for a second and presume there is nothing malicious behind this sign for a moment. Perhaps the sign is simply suggesting no gang related colors are allowed in the premises, in which case, many establishments that serve alcohol have that same policy. Could have been worded better, sure, but the intention is nothing to get upset about.

Maybe another example of not jumping the gun comes at the bottom of the sign. Per Frank is what it says if you can't make it out, so maybe this is simply an inside joke amongst regulars at the pub and there's nothing to see here whatsoever. Frank might be laughing at us all right now. Could be...

And a third plausible reason, is the art that is visible outside of the pub. Not sure the artists exact name, but perhaps it's Frank. Maybe Frank is simply into black and white art now, or doesn't want anyone soiling his work with additional colors. Might be a stretch, might be accurate.

Of course, there is another way to read that sign and react. But we're just not sure. What do you think it means?

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