In case you missed the memo, winter isn't quite finished with us yet and residents of a tiny town in northern Maine got a rude awakening from Mother Nature on Friday morning. According to the National Weather Service in Caribou, the tiny town of Marsardis reported a temperature of -31°F. For the 250 residents of that small town in the county, there's never been a better time to catch spring fever.

It wasn't much better for the cities of northern Maine either, as Houlton reported a low of -29°F and Presque Isle was at -24°F. It was one of the coldest nights that Maine has seen this winter. The good news for those in the deep freeze is that actual warmth is on the way. This weekend from Portland to Presque Isle, Mainers should see more Spring-like conditions, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's. Just enough sun and heat to defrost from the brutal cold.

Let this be a reminder that the first day of Spring is still several weeks away. Don't put those big jackets, hats and mittens away yet.

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