Right outside Boston, in Salem, Massachusetts, there have been many mornings where a line extended around the corner of a small bagel shop in town. That bagel shop, known as Rover Bagels, has become a crowd-pleasing favorite around Boston for their unique wood-fired bagels. Now they're set to bring that idea, and their taste, to Biddeford.

According to Portland Food Map, Rover Bagel will open their new shop on Elm Street right next to Tran's Market. They'll be using the same technique as they did in Salem, with a wood-fired cooking their bagels and other offerings. Some of those other offerings include sticky buns, which judging by their Facebook page, are a hot seller and difficult to get your hands on.

Rover Bagel just had their oven delivered and are in hopes to open their shop sometime in September. They'll join a growing community of new restaurants, breweries and other offerings in Biddeford.

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