For 8 years the building that held the iconic Wok Inn on Morrills Corner was vacant. There's a new store for adults only coming...

The Wok Inn was a Portland landmark for 31 years until December 8, 2013 when owner Shukee Lee closed the fast food Chinese restaurant and retired. It was a shock, and we all wondered - what was going to replace it?

Well, absolutely nothing for 8 years!

Morrills Corner is it's own special landmark. It seems like 42 different streets and businesses all converge into one weirdo light.

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What's that Sweet Dirt? Why, it's a new pot store!



What exactly is Sweet Dirt? According to their website:

At last, adult-use (recreational) cannabis is legal in Maine! Sweet Dirt offers a carefully curated collection of premium cannabis and cannabis-infused products to all of Maine and its visitors (21+).

Sweet Dirt is already in Waterville offering '...cannabis organically grown in living soil and hand-trimmed with care.'

Oh the irony. A marijuana recreational dispensary is going into the same building that many of us went to for late night food. Only this cannabis is organic...I don't think anything on Wok Inn's menu was organic.

According to Sweet Dirt, they have proudly grown Certified Clean Cannabis, as designated by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), the oldest and largest state organic organization in the United States. They are one of only a handful of cannabis growers to achieve this certification. They are extremely proud of their organic growing practices.

Founded in 2015 by a Maine-based husband and wife team, they say that Sweet Dirt has some of the cleanest, high-quality cannabis that you will find anywhere.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Sweet Dirt. There's no word on the exact date of opening.

You know who is psyched about them opening? Probably some nearby fast food restaurants!

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