The last two weeks of weather in Maine has been everything the old cliches promise. "Blink and the season will change on you". Seemingly within a snap of Mother Nature's fingers, we went from summer heat, to a fall chill, to actual snow on the ground. That snow caused a little bit of nervousness amongst the natives. After a mentally strenuous 2020 so far, the last thing anyone in Maine needs right now is a winter that lasts 8 months. So here's a little good news. After some frosty temperatures to start the week, Maine should see a Fall 'heat wave'.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, it appears Maine is in for a rare pattern shift in November. Instead of being blasted by cold Canadian air, all of New England is going to feel the warmth of the south. Because our days are shorter and the sun rays aren't quite as powerful, the 'heat wave' won't be bringing any 70 or 80 degree days our way. But Maine should sustain a series of sunny days with temperatures in 60's for a week to 10 days straight.

Even NewsCenterMaine meteorologist Keith Carson agrees, the doom and gloom of an endless winter should be on hold for now. If you haven't raked up those leaves or put your patio furniture in for the cold season, you'll get a chance to do it without grabbing some finger frostbite. The mild "heat wave" should begin Thursday and could go through the following weekend.

Sorry winter lovers, you'll have your chance soon enough.

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