Sounds cute and cuddly right? Hurricane Teddy, which continues to remain a powerful storm in open waters near Bermuda shouldn't be anything the people of Maine give much thought to. But this has been a strange year for many reasons, and that includes weather events. So it shouldn't be a huge surprise that the EURO model for weather forecasting is showing Hurricane Teddy hooking a left turn and finding a path directly into Maine for sometime next week.

Shared on Twitter by Dan Leonard, this isn't the kind of path you'd normally see for any hurricane on the eastern seaboard, which is why most forecasters continue to give it a very small chance of actually happening. But that chance does still exist until it doesn't, and if the unprecedented left turn for Hurricane Teddy were to take place, all of Maine would have to hustle because this hurricane would pack a massive punch.

As it stands now, even if Hurricane Teddy would take a typical turn right, Maine would likely see some rain and high surf from the storm during portions of next week. Right now, there's nothing to be alarmed about. But as the weekend arrives and progresses, Maine may need to be on alert for something that isn't cute and cuddly at all, Hurricane Teddy.

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