Most of Pats Nation shared the feelings of Ben Affleck yesterday when the Patriots were shut out by the Buffalo Bills. But there is a bright spot, Tom Brady is finally coming back and Deflategate is behind us!

But just because the suspension means the whole saga is (hopefully) over, doesn't mean Pats fans have forgotten, or forgiven, as one Pats fan showed ESPN last week.

Billy Lacey of Boston posted a short video on his Twitter account on Sept. 30 showing Brady working out at a Boston-area school in preparation for a commercial shoot. Someone at ESPN saw the Tweet and reached out to Lacey to ask if ESPN could use the video.

Simple right?

Nope, Lacey, still smarting from the network's role in starting the whole Deflategate mess, told ESPN in no uncertain terms what he thought of them, and needless to say, no permission was granted.

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